Interview Like Champions is designed for Graduates, Young Professionals and Experienced Professionals who find themselves in the job market due to unforeseen circumstances and require a refresher course into what the new interview process is like and what it requires from you as a candidate.

We have partner with International Industry leaders, together with Coach K, who offer their combined experience of almost 45 years to give you the tools, skills and tips to master your next interview, regardless of industry.

Part 3: Exclusive Master Class

The recording of the exclusive live Master Class has now made available in this course.

Our Industry Leaders and Coach K host an intimate Master Class and answer specific interview related questions, while providing tailored answer that will help you focus and improve the way you handle your upcoming interviews.

Some of the questions asked and answered:

§ How to politely say no?

§ How do you answer personal questions that are actually illegal to ask in an interview?

§ How do you address why you left your previous position if it was related to personal or medical reasons?

§ How do you conclude an interview to ensure that all concerns have been addressed before you leave the room?

§ How do you negotiate your offer with and without representation?

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  Part 3 - Master Class
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Hi, I’m Coach K

I believe that everyone has a purpose to fulfil regardless of their background, experience, education or economic circumstances and that building confidence in self is the first step to aligning and transitioning into a successful career.

I have over 5 years Interview Coaching experience and almost a decade experience in Asset Management and Banking, as the first Continuous Improvement Specialist in Asset Management and the National Sales Portfolio owner for Performance Management at a leading Global Bank.

I quit my corporate career to make a tangible impact in the lives of others using a purpose driven approach; those who find themselves just starting their career journey and those who feel a deep need to finally align to their purpose and start chasing a holistically rewarding and fulfilling aim is to make an impact one professional at a time...

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Interview Like Champions - Part 3

Exclusive Pre-recorded Master Class with Industry Leaders in Recruitment & Skills Development

We developed this webinar series to give job seekers the interview tools they need to enter and perform any interview with readiness and confidence.

Whether you are a Graduate, Young Professional or an Experienced Professional who finds themselves in the job market due to unforeseen circumstances, the interview tools and tips provided are extremely valuable and critical for your carer journey.

This session is the live Master Class recorded on 13 June 2020 with our Industry Leaders in Recruitment, Skills Development & Interview Coaching with combined expertise of almost 45 years.

The Holistic Interview Coaching Webinar.

Exclusive Master Class providing you with specific and tailored answers to relevant interview questions.